How to – Measure

How To Measure Instructions, Videos & Pdfs

It’s Easy to measure your decking area. Follow the simple instructions below or watch our animated videos to learn how.

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Measuring at a Glance

  • Always use a metal tape measure.
  • Measure width x length.
  • Measure each area. There may be slight obsticales or issues that arise
  • For odd shapes, break into smaller decks.
  • Do not take your measurements from house plans as they will not be accurate.
  • If measuring with a partner, make sure they repeat the measurements out loud as they write them down.
  • Double check all details are correct before ordering.

Simple Square or Rectangle Deck
– Length x width


One Side Longer Deck

Deck 1 = Length x width
Deck 2 = Length x Width ÷ 2

shape2 shape3

L – Shape Deck
Deck 1 = Length x Width
Deck 2 = Length x Width

shape4 shape5

Multi / Odd Shape  Deck
Deck 1 – Length x Width
Deck 2 – Length x Width
Deck 3 – Length x Width