Pre Finished

Factory Pre-Finished

Why do I want my Swiftdeck pre-finished in factory?

  • It makes final finishing fast and easy.
  • It is a better job than doing by hand – completely around board, vacuum applied.
  • It costs the same as doing only the top surface once deck is installed.

SwiftDeck is primarily available in LinkWood Protect™ – prefinished in the colour of your choice, in set lengths to suit your project, ready for use after the easiest installation available for decking. SwiftDeck is manufactured in only Class 1 and Class 2 above ground durability timbers as defined in Australian Standard AS 5604.

  • Coating all 4 sides of the timber through pre-oiling is the best possible way to protect timber
  • Protects timber during construction, and assists resisting damage.
Easier to finish
  • Ready to coat – no need to weather before coating, pre-oiling completes the first step of the application process making it easier for the end user / consumer to finish the job.
  • Ready to coat – Perfect for joinery / window components and commercial timber fit-outapplications. Primers, treatments, stains, sap sealers applied to detailed profiles offering significant site cost savings and durability benefits.
Controlled application conditions
  • Provides a more consistent film build
  • Provides better durability
  • Is not reliant on onsite application eg. not applying enough product/coats, bad weather
Improved dimensional stability

Left uncoated, many timbers will dry out which can result in surface checking, warping and hence loss of dimensional stability.

LinkWood PreCoat products are pre-coated in factory with the project specified product – be it preservatives, pre-coats, or primers. Solvent or Water Based systems.

LinkWood PreCoat uses the latest technology to suit the specified coating with factory finishing Vacuum, Flood, Spray, Brush application equipment.