Confidence in Choosing

Confidence in Choosing

We understand that the installation of a new deck is a significant investment in terms of both the financial cost, and the expectations of the value in appearance and use. Swiftdeck is designed for a minimum design life of 25 years, and carries a 10 year warranty on the clips and boards. (Click here to see full warranty details)

We have been manufacturing timber products for over 30 years, and thousands of decks have been installed with SwiftDeck across Australia in the past 5 years. Below are some testimonials and feedback from SwiftDeck customers.

Andre (Carpenter) Sydney

I just had to call to say how impressed I am with my new Swiftdeck. I’ve laid lots of decks, and this is by far the easiest and best looking deck I have ever laid, and I’ll certainly be recommending it to my customers and friends in the trade,

Andre (Carpenter) Sydney

Regards, Tim – Architect Canberra/Sydney (36m2)

Just wanted to give you some feedback on how impressed we were with your product.
The finish is fantastic and it was extremely easy to install – I would estimate that it was 4 times faster than screw fixing and the timber was so straight that we didn’t waste time bending it into shape. We are very happy with our new deck.I have shown it to a couple of local contractors who were also impressed. It is most definitely a product that I look forward to specifying in the future.

Regards, Tim

Craig – Construction Manager (57m2)+(65m2)

My folks are very pleased with their new deck (as am I) your product is fantastic and it took me 10 hours to lay on my own but I’m a little out of pactise. The deck came up trumps . So much so I would like to do it all again at my place .


John (40m2)

Fantastic result, only about an hour’s worth left, materials spot on….will have 1lm left over which is pretty low wastage in 450lm. The builder who built our house lives next door and I got him in and showed him the system…seemed very impressed.

Just so fast and easy…i am 70 with badly arthritic hands, I could not have done it with conventional fasteners…. so am a happy customer.

John (40m2)

Brad (38m2)

I finished putting down the main decking boards over the weekend and it looks amazing! ……………….The Swiftdeck system was incredibly easy.

Brad (38m2)


The deck looks amazing, and every person who has come to inspect the property has commented on how good it looks. The builder (Brendan) said he will be definitely be using Swiftdeck from now on –so expect a call. Thanks again.

Boris – Owner/Developer (36m2)


Job is finished and we are very happy with the result. Many thanks for your help.

Rick – Owner (27m2 balcony deck replacement)