DIY After Care

DIY After Care

Swiftdeck Finishes

Swiftdeck supplied in LinkWood Protect™ is Pre- Finished in FeastWatson or Intergrain products.

All products from the Dulux Group, factory applied by Swiftdeck, come with the assurance that your chosen finish is applied to specification. Factory applied assures you that pre-coats cover all surfaces of the timber, and finish coats are consistent and will provide a longer lasting and easier to maintain finish.

Decking timbers will face the harshest conditions of any external timber construction, from moisture, rain, foot traffic and high UV (if fully exposed). To assist in avoiding premature weathering, loss of colour, checking, cracking, iron stains, tannin stains, tannin leach etc, it is important to seal timbers all round as soon as possible to maintain appearance, stability and preservation.

There is no effective way of stopping this weathering process altogether, however damage can be limited by regular maintenance and care of your timber, much like polishing your wooden furniture or painting your window frames and garage doors.

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  • Maintenance Guidelines for SwiftDeck finished in Intergrain Enviropro Endure – Click Here
  • Maintenance Guidelines for SwiftDeck finished in Intergrain Enviropro Endure Stain – Click Here

Swiftdeck Board Lifting

Whilst it is rare, occasionally a decking board will lift from the joist due to bow or twist tension in the timber.

The manufacturing process of LinkWOOD removes most of these stresses, however, timber is a natural material and some movement is expected. Due to the inherent strength of the durable timber species used this movement can sometimes exceed the fixing capacity.

The simplest way to fix this is to either:

  • Fix board down mechanically with either a countersunk screw or punched nail, and plug fixing hole with repair wax.
  • (If you have access under the deck) Using a pre-drilled screw, hold down decking board and screw from beneath through joist into decking board.