Why SwiftDeck™

Why SwiftDeck™

The patented SwiftDeck™ system, does away with conventional mechanical fasteners, and the time, cost and effort associated with them.


2 – 5 times faster than fixing deck boards by conventional methods.

More durable

No nails or screws in the deck surface means no loose or protruding fixings and no entry points for water and rot.


A typical installation will save hundreds (or even thousands) of nails or stainless steel screws.

All Australian

The system was developed in Australia and uses sustainibly sourced Australian hardwood.

Visually Stunning

Available primed or finished. Enhancing the natural look, durability and stability of the deck without fuss.


University testing has proven that SWIFTDECK adhesive is stronger than hand or gun nailing.


No drilling, nailing or fixing screws into the decking surface means much less bending and kneeling.


Minor movements due to humidity that may cause failure in a conventional deck fixing are more easily accommodated by the combination of SWIFTDECK cliprails and adhesive.

Laying a conventional deck is time consuming, back-breaking and requires a good eye. Then there are the nails or screws that are visually intrusive, and prone to lifting, or breaking. Once a fixing works loose, or worse, breaks, the result is an unsightly,
unsecured deck.

Unlike a conventional deck, the SWIFTDECK system uses cliprails, specially-shaped deck boards and a proven, high-strength adhesive to securely fix the deck boards to the decking sub-structure.

SWIFTDECK Australian hardwood deck boards come in two colourways: Red and Blonde. Both are optionally available primed or pre-finished, saving more time and allowing immediate use of the finished deck.

Installation is fast – over twice as fast as screwing down a conventional deck.
Swiftdeck will be 2-5 times faster. The bigger the deck, the bigger the time savings.

The SWIFTDECK system components include cliprails and adhesive which have built-in elasticity that allows the deck surface to accept small movements such as changes in humidity.

The result is a great looking, strong deck with straight lines and precise spacing. A deck that’s fast and easy to construct.