The Adhesive

The Adhesive

The SwiftDeck system has been developed employing advances in bonding technologies, and the Patented SwiftDeck Clip to produced a durable and incredibly fast method of installing timber and composite decking.

Mechanical Fasteners like nails and screws are usually used to fix decking boards. Timber moves, and regular problems are that nails work loose and stick up and screws break.

When a mechanical fastener fails, it fails disastrously. There is no fixing it. the connection is broken completely,

There is elasticity to adhesives that shows stretch and give at the connection point. they are flexible while still incredibly strong in their connection. With adhesive bonding, there is time to prevent a catastrophe.

Adhesives do the job of mechanical fasteners, but better.

The Adhesives recommended for use with SwiftDeck, have been tested for their adhesion, holding strength and durability and have been conducted with a variety of timber species, and also with pre-coated timber on our range of finishing products.

The major benefits of SwiftDeck are

  • A Nail Free Deck – it’s Visually Extraordinary.
  • A beautiful and natural hardwood deck unblemished by visible fixings.
  • A longer lasting deck and sub frame with no fixings through the boards or into top of joists for moisture to enter and sit.
  • A safer surface with no nails lifting and causing injuries or safety hazards.
  • Natural timber movement accommodated with the tested and specified adhesives to ensure long term fixing dependability.
  • Installation will be significantly faster.
  • Easily maintained and repaired.

For strength evaluation decking boards of a nominal size of 85x19mm were attached using different fastener systems. These boards were then pushed from the decking frame, and the force required was measured. Adhesives returned higher strengths than nails, and also a more consistent holding power. In all instances the nails protruded from the decking and the board was loose, however, with adhesive most boards were returned to the Swifdeck Clip and retained their position.

Current Tested and Recommended Adhesives

The following adhesives have been tested and proven to work well with SwiftDeck.

  • Bostik – Matrix FC.
  • SIKA – 11FC.
  • Selleys Armour Flex.
  • Soudal High Tack 320.

It is important to use only those adhesives that meet or exceed the bonding, elongation and durability of the recommended adhesives. Use only polyurethane adhesive or modified polymer adhesive, as silicone will not stick to all SwiftDeck, and construction adhesives are too brittle to accommodate long term timber movement.