Swiftdeck no nail deck – 2 blokes, 1 day, 23.5 sq. metres

SwiftDeck Species – Silvertop Ash (pre-oiled)

SwiftDeck size – 86 x 19mm

Deck Size – 23.5m2


What a transformation.

2 blokes, 1 day, 23.5 sq. metres – Stumps Bearers Joists, Decking, Step, Trims

A fabulous SwiftDeck – 1 Day

And it’s pre-oiled too!


The apprentice carpenters had not laid SwiftDeck before, and were expecting to take a full weekend to complete the deck.
They were astounded they finished the whole job including a step and trims in one day – easily – and that was with a slow start due to rain.

With such a nice level and clear yard, the existing steps were removed and the new stumps and subframe were easily installed.

The 2 boys have installed a lots of timber decking with both conventional and concealed fixing systems, and were keen to show their boss the job completed in half the time expected.

The owners are delighted with their new deck, which has brought a whole new living area to their home.


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