Why Swiftdeck? because it is fast and simple

Justin Zammit from Zammit Landscaping in the western suburbs of Melbourne is an experienced contractor and has installed many decks. This was Justin’s first SwiftDeck, and following his installation of the frame we took some photos and notes on installation of a 6m x 6m deck in Deer Park.

The deck frame was constructed in treated pine. Because joists were inside the bearers, Justin had to run a saw cut through bearers to allow the SwiftDeck clip to run along the joists. When constructing a deck in the traditional fashion of joists over bearers, the clips would sit on the joists without the need to cut through bearers.

Following unpacking timber and explaining the SwiftDeck system, Justin set out to lay the deck.

He clock was started as the first board was installed.

The first row of clips was installed, and then the first 5 boards fixed after adhesive was placed on the joists.

The process of a row of clips the 5 boards was repeated, and the deck started to take shape.

Due to the deck using LinkWOOD™ in Silvertop Ash, all boards were 6m long, meaning no joins were required for each run.

The first section of deck 6m x 3m (18m2) was completed in 90 minutes to Justin’s amazement, as this would have taken his 3 blokes a full day if using screws.