Why SwitftDeck ? Because it is fast and simple No.2

Here is a replacement of an old deck. The frame is relatively new and in very sound condition, so no repairs or replacements were needed.

The existing joists were cleaned down with a light sand using a belt sander and 60grit sandpaper. Dust was removed with a broom and compressed air.

The first board needed to have a piece taken out for the doorway sill, and then a row of SwiftDeck Clips was fixed using this board as the starting point.

From here the process was repeated until needing to cut in around the post. The laying continued to the edge, where SwiftDeck Clips needed to be cut off as only 3 boards needed to be fixed.

The whole deck surface was completed in 150 minutes. 5.4m x 3.1m.

This deck used LinkWOOD Protect™ finished in Feast Watson Natural Oil to all surfaces, which means the deck could be used immediately –without the need to wait to clean down and finish.

This deck did receive a final coat of Feast Watson, to ensure the best durability and time before needing re-coating.As boards had already been pre-finished in the factory, the customer could be assured that the whole board had been coated already, and additional coats would reduce maintenance needs.